“Act in an improvised way, decide” hastily “according to what dictated my heart, again gave an unexpected result, a tremendous and unforgettable experience but above all another invaluable life lesson”.

One more!

Sooo good friends, WE ALREADY HAVE IT !!

Here you have a short chronicle of my last competition, the marathon that I played in Portugal last weekend. I hope you like it and encourage you to comment, share or simply enjoy it with as much enthusiasm as I have tried to transmit it. Again, THANKS, your support is the basic pillar for all this possible!

Chronicle of an improvised adventure

The way in which this “improvised” adventure arose was extremely fast, like life itself. Just a few days before the competition talking to Joan Oliveira (holder of the Portuguese 24-hour record and organizer of the competition), I was offered this “irrevocable” opportunity for a dreamer and passionate about everything that relates to LIVE experiences through a passion like mine.

Therefore, my mind, in the blink of an eye, lost hope, and when that happens … everything else is in the background. Any circumstance becomes positive, everything is rolled and things start to happen easily, like in a happy dream.

It is certain that due to the great physical load that accumulated in the last weeks of training with the specific planning that I am carrying out with the míster of @mircasport, Fabián Campanini, it was a bit risky to play this marathon so close.

Especially if you wanted to have the guarantee that we always look for, to enjoy to the fullest every second of the competition being clear that there will be no risk of injury or physical setback to continue the next day enjoying this wonderful passion and preparation that we have in hand and We are carrying out “meticulously”.

That is, try not to end physically or mentally defeated/destroyed after the test, simply crossing the finish line with a bright smile from those who love what they do, “fresh” and wanting more, much more.

Perhaps, in a way, this means “sacrificing” to make better brands, but at the moment this is the absolute priority for me.

That is why the last days of the week we did everything possible to be on the starting line with the maximum guarantees, improvising and modifying in detail some aspects that guarantee again to be able to live something unforgettable and get «conquer» another country of happiness.

Finally, we raised it in a way. This marathon would serve us as the typical long weekend run that we usually do lately, also taking advantage of it to try new variants pre-competition, during and post-competition, (feeding, new “routines”, recovery …).

Go for the adventure!

To confirm my presence to Joao at his event, on Wednesday afternoon, at box55 (Pablo, David, Alex) they checked my physical condition and, despite the obvious fatigue of these past days, we decided to go full on for another promising experience.

I was sure that we would not fail in the most important, live intensely another weekend of sport, passion and joy in this new destination, Portugal.

With this absolute confidence and certainty that everything would go well I left with the best possible companion for it, my dear grandmother. After a long journey of 9h with hardly any rest by road, we arrived.

We saw the last corner of the city during the afternoon of Friday and after a few hours of sleep dawned, the sun began to shine to give us a promising Saturday.