The prize for the title of Spanish athlete of the year will be announced on November 6. Among the nominees and nominees are Ana Peleteiro, María Pérez, Bruno Hortelano, Fernando Carro and Álvaro Martín, although this trophy does not distinguish between male and female categories.

The José Luis Alonso Trophy for the Spanish athlete of the year is celebrated every year since 1992. Five candidates are the ones who choose this year the best Spanish athlete of 2018. These five athletes are Fernando Carro, Ana Peleteiro, Bruno Hortelano, María Pérez and Álvaro Martín . We remember his recent titles:

  • Álvaro Martín and María Pérez share the title of European champions in the 20 km march held in Berlin.
  • Fernando Carro was runner-up in Europe in 3000m obstacles.
  • Bruno Hortelano managed to break the records of Spain in 200m and 400m, and achieved a 4th place in the 200m.
  • Ana Peleteiro, meanwhile, was proclaimed third in Europe and the world in triple jump.

The result we will be able to know on November 6th. For the election, a recount of votes cast by a total of 130 representatives of the sectors of Spanish athletics will be carried out.

The winner will have to wait until December 11 to receive his award in Madrid.