A reference

Javier Fernández is a reference for Spanish sport. At 27, our artistic skater has been World Champion in 2015 and 2016, European Champion in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018; In addition, he has an Olympic bronze medal that he achieved this year in Pyeongchang. And what is more important … he still has many joys to give us!

One of them comes from an area that is usually given little importance outside the world of sports, especially when we talk about “minority sports”. That is, the sponsorship of our athletes by any company.

El Pozo, an example to follow

Despite the benefits for a brand to sponsor an athlete, companies find it hard to take the step. For this reason we give you an example to El Pozo , a Spanish brand that has not hesitated to support the best Spanish skater of all time to achieve all their dreams through their sponsorship.

One of the events in which they have sponsored this athlete has been the « Revolution Ice «, the biggest show on ice ever seen in Spain, to which we invite everyone to come. On top starring “Super Javi”!

Any company?

At the end of the first section, we have commented that any company can sponsor an athlete, and yes, you have read correctly, any company can do it.

There are many myths about the cost, benefit, objective or profitability around the sponsorship of any of our athletes. It does not matter if they are Champions of the World, of Europe, Olympic medalists … The response of companies, for the most part, is negative.

This will change, sooner or later, and you know why? because the myths will gradually fall.

Here are some of the beliefs that hold sponsors in this type of initiatives, which were discussed in the FIDAN Forum, and we tell you some of the actions to take into account to achieve effective sponsorship.


1. Very expensive?

The repercussion through sponsorship has, as a general rule, a result much cheaper than the influence obtained through other means. Sponsorship is the most efficient marketing tool that currently exists.

2. An unnecessary expense?

It must never be forgotten that the main objective of the sponsorship is to provide economic benefits to the sponsoring company. Therefore, it should be considered as an investment that will return to the benefit of the company. In the case of wanting to help an athlete or sports entity without expecting anything in return, we will NOT be talking about sponsorship.

In order to make this sponsorship profitable, we must articulate marketing strategies, human resources, sales, communication, relationship with suppliers, etc. around this action, with the aim that all these areas are benefited. We must make sponsorship a strategic partner for the company.

3. If you do not go on TV there is no sponsorship

It will seem strange, but this requirement is the most common when establishing sponsorship. Do you think that with what social networks move today this makes sense? Probably not, even your target audience may not even watch television. In fact, this type of sponsorship usually offers only the exposure of the brand’s logo during a specific time, which is a very poor sponsorship.

I want to sponsor

After taking into account the myths and recommendations of the previous section …

Any advice?

Before starting to sponsor we must have clear objectives that we intend to achieve with it. All decisions and actions that we perform should be oriented towards these goals, otherwise, we will fail.

Not all sponsorships are the same nor can we get the same with them. We need to be aware of what each athlete or entity can offer us. A local entity is likely to not generate a national impact, but it certainly offers many other advantages.

How do I start to sponsor?

The idea that always prevails is to wait for a knock on our door, an athlete comes one day to our company asking us to sponsor him, but this is not even by far the best option. What we must do is go in search of that athlete or sports entity that best suits our interests and identity and proposes a sponsorship that cannot refuse.