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Samsung Email review

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It seems that times when default Samsung apps were useless to have gone. The new Samsung Email app is an excellent replacement for other third-party solutions. It can deal with all your mailboxes, offering a logical but straightforward user interface. 

Samsung Email is the proprietary mailer app by Samsung Electronics, the biggest smartphone manufacturer of all time. This app comes as a default mail client on Samsung smartphones and tablet devices, but you can also get it for any other device on Google Play for free. It’s one of the most minimalistic yet powerful hubs for managing multiple accounts. 

All You Need

The Samsung Email app can become a perfect solution for managing your emails from several inboxes. It’s the simplest-looking mailer app on Google Play, but it has huge practical potential. As a student, you don’t need sophisticated corporate features so that simplicity may come in handy. Samsung Email can link several accounts and let you receive all letters in a single feed. Due to automated threads, emails will be correctly structured by the time and sander names. Besides, you can reply to one or all letters simultaneously and forward emails from one inbox to other email systems without problems. This feature will help you a lot in case you have to share something with your group. For example, if the tutor sends you a book and doesn’t have emails from other students, you can easily forward it to them. 

Unread messages are automatically placed into a separate folder, not to have to look for filters. It’s also very convenient to highlight important letters in each of your boxes by putting stars near them. If that’s not enough, you can always add an unlimited number of folders and group particular letters there. 

For Work and Fun

Similar to other apps, Samsung Email allows you to insert various media files into letters. However, the supported file list doesn’t end on videos, links, images, and documents. You can also use standard of Samsung emojis, a wide range of original stickers, GIF animations from the built-in online library, and even voice messages as if you sent emails from WhatsApp. 

Power of Minimalism

Although Samsung Email looks so simple, it hides a wide range of features needed to manage several email accounts effectively. It’s also a secure solution with S/MIME encryption. If Gmail and Yahoo look too complicated for you, Samsung Email will work the best. 


  • You may lack some narrow features
  • File uploading takes too long sometimes


  • The simplest interface amongst Android mail apps
  • Lets you send stickers, voice messages, and GIFs
  • Works with several addresses at the same time
  • Convenient text formatting
  • Synchronization with your university calendar

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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