Sergi Llongueras gets on the podium in second place in the first UCI Trials World Cup of the year in the Elite 26 category becoming the first Spanish to achieve it after 10 years !!!

For many years, the category Elite 26 “has been dominated by three or four names such as Gilles Coustellier (FRA), Jack Carthy (GBR), Vincent Hermance (FRA) or Kenny Belaey (BEL).

Whenever an international event was disputed, their names were on the podium and you could see a big difference between the pilots that were below. Well, this 2018 we are in a moment where the level of all trial riders of the highest category at the international level is higher than ever and with unprecedented equality among the drivers.

The Spaniards who were behind like Sergi Llongueras and Pol Tarrés have raised the level a lot and, as you could suspect during the preseason competitions, they have given the surprise in the first international test of this year.

Chronicle of the competition

On July 8, the first trial of the UCI Trial World Cup was held in Vöcklabruck (Austria). After a super tight semi-final where only one foot could prevent you from entering the final, (In the final 1/2, 25 riders compete and only 6 enter the grand final) we got to enter 4 Spaniards of 6 finalists! Something historical that had never happened. These were Jordi Araque, Abel Mustieles and Yo.

The final

We started the final knowing that the first zone was the most difficult and that it would be the one that would make the difference. After seeing that Pol and Abel made a 5, it was my turn.

I went all out and managed to get out of the zone to zero but with two penalty points per time, Carthy got a zero and Gilles lost balance and marked a 5 what put me in 2nd position behind Carthy.

We follow the remaining four zones doing zero after zero. Carthy did not fail, Gilles did not and I was still in the second position until the last zone, where the classification before starting was:

  • 1 °. Carthy (0 pts).
  • 2 °. I (2 pts).
  • 3 °. Gilles (5 pts).

Therefore, if I made a zero, I was assured of the second place and put pressure on Carthy to fail and get the first position.

I made the whole zone to zero but I was marked a doubtful 5 to pass over an arrow and this left me in 3rd position, but Gilles had a puncture and made a total of 10 points with what I had finally achieved the second Place in a world cup Èlite 26 “!!!!

It really is a dream come true and I am more motivated than ever to continue training and fight for that 1st position so difficult to achieve.

Stay tuned to the following World Cups !!!