In Sports Spanish we are lucky enough to be able to interview an entire 7 times world champion, she is Sandra Corcuera, with her recent world titles of 5,000 and 10,000 meters of retro running achieved in Italy.

– How do you start or how do you discover this modality of athletics?

Well, it was by chance or as I told Andreu Buenafuente in his day, by mistake. All my life I have practised sports and since 2000 I practice athletics, as I have always liked to collect because I started to collect races of all kinds and distances and I have more than 500. In 2007 looking for races for the weekend, I saw a that put “race of retro-running” and I signed up without really knowing what it was. When I got to the start line, my surprise was that you had to run on your back and I thought it was a joke. But it was not and it was the hardest 1500 meters of my life.

When I got home I started to research online and I read that the USA, some athletes and coaches, used it to prevent and recover injuries. I was very injured and decided to include 10-15 minutes of retro running at the end of my workouts and the injuries diminished me. And since then I continue.

In the year 2011, I learned that there was, International Federation of this sport, since 2005, that were organized worldwide retro running since 2006 and that in the summer of 2012 the fourth edition was disputed. I decided to train for the World Cups, I got my first gold medal and with this last one from Italy, I already have 7 won.

– I imagine that you have to strengthen some muscles different from running. What type of training do you do?

Yes basically the antagonist to the forward race, so you have to strengthen it with gym, in addition, it is also very important to reinforce the upper trunk with strength work.

In addition, the technique is very important and is another important point to work in training.

Since this year I have included full-suit electrostimulation, thanks to Wiemspro and I have improved in strength and recovery.

But the training itself is not far from what you would do to prepare a marathon forward, 6 days a week apart from what was mentioned above, slow shootings of up to 15 km, quick shootings, intervals, short, long series, etc and all this with a control of the feeding and a planning of strict nutrition of InfiSport to improve the yield and the times of recovery.

– In 2005, the International retro-running federation was created. Is there any kind of federation in Spain?

No, here no. In other countries such as Germany, Italy, Cuba, the Dominican Republic things are changing and they are receiving support from their institutions.

– You practically have to self-finance. Do you depend on your sponsors?

No, I depend on my family and friends. My sponsors help me with the material, which is very good for me, but it does not cover trips to competitions with all that it entails, physios, doctors, etc. And how is it not a federated sport in Spain, neither does this cover any institution, unlike other federated sports. Anyway, every year I hope that this changes, whether at the private, public or both levels.

– With the last 2 world titles (5,000m and 10,000m) last July in Bologna (Italy) there are already 7 world titles. What is your next goal?

In the short term, I have not thought about it, I suppose next year I will go to Italy to try to repeat the title of Italian Champion on the road and if any sponsor should come to the race track, but we’ll see.

And in 2020 the World Cup will be held in France, I do not know, I suppose it will be the time of my retirement, but I hope it will be fine and it would be a dream to get 3 golds, one of them in the Half Marathon, which is my unfinished business and thus retires with 10 World Championships. By dreaming that it is not there, to see if I get a sponsor or some institution allows me to fulfil my dreams.

– Of the last World Cup, in addition to the 2 medals, you have brought a fissure in one arm. How are you?

I’m fine, they took the plaster last week and now I’m in recovery, but once the World Cup is over I just enjoy the moment.

– A dream, sportingly speaking, would be that this modality was made Olympic?

Yes, I would like very much even if in my case I can not dispute them, but it would be nice to be able to say someday I have contributed to achieving it and who knows how to participate in another way.

– In Spain, there are many practitioners?

Not as a sport, but everyday people contact me who says that they have included a few minutes in their training routines.

– Which country is in the lead in retro running?

Without a doubt Germany, since they have almost all the world records and some professional athlete.

– You have recently been invited by the sports ministry of Cuba for an event, do you think you are more valued outside of Spain?

I do not think so, in Spain I have a lot of support at the level of fans and the press, what happens is that at the institutional level I do not have it and that shows a lot. But gestures like that of the Ministry of Sports of Cuba, make you see that if you do not do the same thing here, it’s because you do not want to.