Several weeks ago we contacted the current time trial champion of Spain, Mavi García, to conduct an interview so that our fans could ask questions of the Balearic cyclist, and this was the interview that was presented.

Interview with Mavi García

Q- Where do you get the love for cycling?

R- After two years running on foot, my brother who came from the downhill bike, put on the road bike and did some team duathlon. He was curious to try it alone and encouraged me to try and that’s how I started going out twice a week and that’s how I started to hook up with what is now my work and my lifestyle.

Q- You have achieved great things by duathlon. Do you enjoy duathlon or cycling more?

A- I have really enjoyed the duathlon and to compete and be in front fighting in world and European. I have always said that having less danger than cycling was more comfortable, the fact is that now that I have focused on the bicycle, I discovered many more things in it and they are making me enjoy more than ever.

Q- Who do you have as a reference?

A- Because cycling I have never had any reference because I discovered it very late, but as a sportsman in general, my countryman Rafa Nadal has always been an example in many ways for me.

P- You came to the classic Liège (Belgium) in a great moment of form, but a fall stopped you in your tracks and you had to operate the clavicle, you reappear in the Spanish championship. How did you know the Spanish time trial championship after the fall of Belgium?

A- The truth that to glory, when you sacrifice so much and you see that you have results, it is very rewarding.

Q- Both you and your team, Movistar, have made a great pink turn. What feelings do you have left after the turn?

R- I stay on the one hand with an unsatisfied feeling for all the problems I have had during this turn that have not let me get the best out of me and show how well it came, but on the other hand I carry the image and sensations of days in which I have looked from one to the other, to the best runners in the world.

Something that last year could not have imagined, and a couple of months ago much less, especially after the fall that I had to overcome.

Q- We are going to look to the future. Do you see yourself disputing the next Olympic games?

R- Uff … That’s looking very high and far away yet. I want to look closer and step by step. Now I want to focus my attention on the World Cup and on improving day by day to continue making progress.

Q- What does the appearance of the Movistar team mean in women’s cycling?

RAn advance in our sport and a springboard for many of us. From the appearance of the team, you are seeing many changes for good in this sport.

Q- And although you say it is improving, do you bet more on women’s cycling outside of Spain?

R- I think that to date, yes. Hopefully now that changes and give us more importance.

Q- Little by little, women are entering sports that in principle say they are “only for men”, in cycling. Will the importance of men be equal to that of women one day?

A- There is a long way to go and it will not be easy. Beginning that to equal the number of men who practice cycling there is already work. Although we are increasingly more, I think it is something important and then also that this evolution that we are living does not stop and keep giving importance, hopefully, one day will come.

Q- And we finish Why does not any channel rebroadcast you? –

A- I think they should think that they do not have enough public interest to have the audience they expect, but this is a wheel and if they do not give us visibility, there are few people who can get hooked only by giving information through social networks.

Thank you very much for your wise words Mavi, we will follow you very closely in your next challenges !!!

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Greetings to all!