Hi all.

This time we want to talk about one of the training instruments that is becoming more fashionable in the world of CrossFit, the CrossFit Comba.

The popularity of this instrument is given because it allows us to tone the whole body while improving muscle flexibility. Depending on our level we can use a type of rope or another.

What rope did I use?

The main difference between a beginner and an expert skip is the thickness of this. The smaller it is, the faster we can reach and the harder it will be to jump, so if you have just started in this world it is best to start with the thickest ones.

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Tips to improve our jump

Make no mistake, if we want to jump right into the rope the best trick is to practice, practice and practice. But if you want to improve or be aware of some of the key points that determine a correct jump, here are a series of tips that we hope will help you improve day by day.

  • Initial position

Looking forward, straight trunk and knees slightly bent to cushion the jump and avoid injury.

To know how long our rope should be, we will step on it with one of the feet and when we stretch it up it should stay at waist height more or less.

  • Legs

Note that the width of the rope is narrow. This allows that with a slight jump the rope goes between our feet and the ground without the need to waste energy without sense. In this line, avoid excessively bending your knees and do not lean on your heels when you jump.

  • arms

Keep your elbows close to the body and make short movements with your wrists. This position will prevent the rope from colliding with your legs when you jump. Try to separate your arms from the body or make large movements with your hands, you will see that the jump becomes more complex and your effort in each of them increases.

  • Avoid more jumps

One of the most common mistakes is the bounce, that is, make two jumps every time we pass the rope below our feet. This error hinders the fluidity of the exercise and the coordination of our movements.

Constance and overcoming

This is the key to success, overcome each day and do not stop trying.

If you are a beginner and you do not coordinate your movements well at the beginning, do not worry, you can start by skipping an imaginary jump rope so that you realize the movements you have to perform.

If you still do not have enough confidence to start jumping, grab the rope with one of your hands and turn it around. The moment the cable reaches the ground, make the jump as if it were going under your feet. This movement will further strengthen your movements.

Surely you’re ready to practice. Grab your jump rope and JUMP!

Do not hesitate to comment on your experience or ask any question or problem that involves the use of this instrument, we will be happy to help.