Team Smith Wins 2015 EICC!

Quarter Final Round up

It was Murray Combe who was first to falter, and took an early bath after going 7-0 down to Kauste  of Finland – was Kauste on to retain the title for a second year?
Team Smith who finished second in their group stage took on Team Brewster, who qualified top of their group with 5-0.  After a quiet first few ends, it was Smith who took the lead with a single in the 3rd, followed by a three in the 5th.  It was the 6th end before Team Brewster put a single on the board, but a two in the 7th put pay to any chance of a come back and the game was over.
Van Dorp and MacLeod had a very cagey game with singles being traded throughout the game.  Peels going down the last, Van Dorp had hammer, and capitalised making a single to win the game.
Team MacDonald with David Edwards at the helm, came out the group stages top of their group, with only a single loss.  In the early morning quarters, Team MacDonald were looking good and seen off Attinger 6-1 after 5 ends, singles were traded for the next two ends before the Attinger shook hands.

Semi Final Round up

In the Semi-Final Kauste played Smith, while Van Dorp played MacDonald.

In the Kauste vs Smith game, singles were traded in the first two ends.  But the turning point came in the 3rd end, where Smith racked up a score of four to go 5-1 ahead, though Kauste came back in the 4th with a two, the 5th blanked, a further score of two in the 6th and Smith hitting for home in the 7th the game was all but over.  Kauste threw everything inch perfect, but Smith answered every question and the game was over after the 7th end.

Meanwhile in the MacDonald vs Van Drop game, MacDonald were looking good, 2-0 after the 4th, Van Dorp fought back scoring a 3 in the 5th bringing them right back into the game.  MacDonald took singles in the next two ends, eeking out a single shot lead going down the last.  Van Dorp with hammer needed a mistake from MacDonald to make his two.  It came in the form of a missed guard removal which resulted in all three MacDonald stones being removed from the head leaving the door wide open for Van Dorp and he capitalised taking a two in the final end, to win 5-4.

Final Round-Up

2015_Winners_On Ice2_webAnd so it came down the final two, Team Smith(right top) vs Team Van Dorp (right bottom).  It was a tight game for the first few ends, Van Dorp was first to get a single on the board, but Smith responded with a two.  This repeated in the 3rd and 4th ends, though Van Dorp took a two in the 5th.  However, Team smith extended their lead after two slack shots from Van Dorp left an open draw fo2015_Runners-Up On Ice_webr a three in the 6th putting Smith 7-4 ahead.  Van Dorp made a valiant attempt to come back gaining a single in the 7th, but were unable to gain any further loosing a single in the 8th making the final score 8-5 to Team Smith.  Making them 2015 Edinburgh International Curling Championship winners!

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