We’re getting down towards the business end of this year’s Edinburgh International Curling Championship with eight qualifying places up for grabs from three sections. The top two from each of the sections qualify by right and there are two further quarter-final places for the top two third-placed finishers. The criteria used to separate the third-placed finishers was first, points scored, then the averaged total of the last stone draws.

img_8564-mouatimg_8629-baumannIn section A, both Bruce Mouat (Scotland) and Alexander Baumann (Germany) ended up on four points. Bruce qualifies in first place because of his round-robin win against Alexander. In third place on three points is Tomi Rantamäki’s Finnish team. Alan MacDougall (England) also finished on three points, but lost his game to Tomi and therefore finishes fourth in the league table. Tomi’s averaged total of the last stone draws was 70.325.

img_8746-rasmus-stjerneimg_8080-schwallerIn section B, Rasjmus Stjerne (Denmark) has had a stellar weekend so far winning all five of his matches, including a tight 7-6 win over Yannick Schwaller (Switzerland). That was Yannick’s only loss, so he finishes in second spot. Long term supporter of the competition, David Šik (Czech Republic) finished his round-robin on three wins and his averaged total of the last stone draws was 47.15, thus guaranteeing him a quarter-final berth.img_8758-sik

Section C was the tightest section with only former competition winner Aku Kauste (Finland) definitely out of the running playing the last round of the round-robin. Grant Hardie (Scotland) took a three-point total into his game against local rival, Cameron Bryce, who had two wins to his name. Bryce controlled and won that game, looking as if he had leapfrogged Grant in the league table. But hold that thought, because Karel Kubeška (Czech Republic) beat Felix Attinger to join Hardie and Bryce on three points and Martin Grønbech lost to the previously winless Aku Kauste. So, when the dust settled, it turned out that the three teams, Kubeška, Hardie and Bryce had all beaten each other and could not be separated that way. It had to go to the averaged draw shots and Kubeška qualified in first place (11.85), Hardie in second (27.05) and Bryce in third (42.77).

SO the qualifiers were Mouat and Baumann from section A, Stjerne and Schwaller from B and Kubeška and Hardie from C. David Šik and Cammy Bryce both edged out Tomi Rantamäki to snatch the top two third-place qualifier spots.

So, more dust and here are the quarter-finals!
Stjerne v Bryce
Mouat v Šik
Kubeška v Baumann
Hardie v Schwaller.

Let battle commence!

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