Event Draws – Now Available

The Draw for the Edinburgh International Curling Championships and Senior events have now been posted on our website.  The online scoring for the EICC main event is also now available., and our webcast will be available from the first game.

Here is a schedule of the games that will be covered by the webcast :



8.30am – Gallo v Mouat
11.00am – R McCleary v Lill

2.00pm – van dorp v Shaw

4.20pm – Nagy v Smith

7.25pm – Mouat v Brewster




8.00am – Lill v Rantamaki

10.20am – Stevenson v Edwards

1.20pm – Black v Smith

3.40pm – Brewster v Gallo   or  Sik v Uusipaavalniemi

6.45pm – Rantamaki v R McCleary


Quarter Final

Semi Final


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