Edwards wins the Edinburgh International Curling Championships

Dominant performance in the final

David Edwards, John Penny, Scott Macleod and Colin Campbell ran out winners of a one-sided final of the championships against Ross McCleary, James Stark, Craig Gudmundsson and Gavin Baird.

The game hinged on the second end. Edwards had scored a nicely-controlled two shots in the first end with hammer. Ross faced three shots with his last shot of the end. He had two choices: either he could play the out-turn draw to the four foot, knowing that he just had to make the eight foot to cut two of the three Edwards counters; alternatively he could play a heavy draw / back twelve foot weight to the Edwards number one stone to count his one. He elected for the latter, but his stone ran agonisingly straight and sailed through the house. Result: a three to Edwards and a five-nil lead in the game.

And that, to be honest, was that. No matter how hard they tried the McCleary team could not get back into the game and eventually, after seven ends, handshakes were offered.

Many congratulations to David and his team. For David, this is the second time that he has won the famous old World Championships trophy.

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