Edinburgh International Senior Ladies Championship

IMG_0213_web12 teams played in two four-round schenkel leagues, the top two from each league progressing to the semi-finals on Sunday morning. With no disrespect to either Mary Barr or Christine Hamilton (both of whom had fine teams in front of them as evidenced by the results!), but the smart money was probably on defending champion, Kate Adams and maybe last year’s semi-finalists, Gwen Prentice as the most likely qualifiers from section C. They scored two points between them! Curling is a slippery game and no mistake!

Reigning Scottish champion, Christine Cannon dropped a tight game against Grace Paterson, but still managed to qualify from section B with Elaine Semple’s Glasgow team.

So, the semi-finals pitched Elaine versus Christine Hamilton and Christine Cannon versus Mary Barr. The wheels came off the Barr wagon in the semi and Christine progressed comfortably though to the final. The other semi was a much more torrid affair and, though Christine Hamilton got off to a good start, Elaine managed to peg her back to peels playing the eighth. It was going team Semple’s way playing the last, with a veritable wall of blue stones (their colour!) out front and stones in the house – one biting the four-foot at the back of the house-behind the cover. All that Christine had to show for her efforts was a solitary corner yellow stone, dangerously placed though for a tap up to the four foot.

The helpful chat behind the glass suggested that for Elaine’s first stone, either a hit or a guard was called for to prevent Christine using the yellow. She chose to ignore it and draw another stone into the house on the other side. It actually came too far and ended up at the back of the house. Christine immediately moved to her yellow stone and called for the outwick tap-up. In the event, her stone slid of the side of the target stone and rather fortuitously diverted to Elaine’s stone at the back of the four foot. Elaine’s attempted tap back drew too much and wrecked and that was that. I suspect that the Glasgow girls will rue their skip’s first stone as they awake at night wondering what might have been!

Just to confuse your writer even further, the two Christines had qualified. Christine Hamilton had Anne-Marie Ross at three (in the team in place of Agnes Barr), Christine Smellie at second and Jean Brash at lead. Christine Cannon had Margaret Richardson at third, Isobel Hannen at second and Margaret Robertson at lead.

The Cannon team immediately took control of things and scores of two, two, one and one in the first four ends effectively sealed the championship win for them. Try as they might, Christine and her team just could not get it together and least said, soonest mended. When they managed to get on the board with a nice two in the sixth end, they sportingly congratulated their opponents on a fine performance. They ought to be congratulated though on a fine championship performance. They played and beat many a fine team on their way to the final.

So, a great first-time win can be recorded for Christine Cannon, Margaret Richardson, Isobel Hannen and Margaret Richardson. They say that cream rises to the top and team Cannon will go forward to the Scottish Ladies Senior Championship with great confidence after a dominant performance at Murrayfield.

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